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At JEV Management, we understand that the quality of your workforce is crucial to the success and growth of your business.

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What would be your common ways of sourcing talents? How much money and job advertisements have you spent for months and still not gotten the talent you desire?

  • - Received a lot of applications but not knowing how to ask the right questions?
  • - Expanding your business but not sure how to do the manpower planning?
  • - Just hired someone but not sure how to retain or develop the talent?

If you are facing the challenges above, then…

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We offer a full-fledged talent management service (from recruit, retain, and develop) to ensure our clients’ workforces are always running at optimum capacity and staying competitive! Our services cover the talent life-cycle and include the following stages:

JEV Service Recruitment


Covers domestic and cross-border talents (White-collar talent based)

JEV Service Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Offered private/ group coaching sessions in guiding employer/employees

JEV Service Competency Training and Assessment

Competency Training and Assessment

Understand the area of improvement needed for your talent

JEV Service Change management

Change management

where required

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Our Clients / Candidates Tell That...

Shivir V. icon

Shivir V.

Served as a hiring partner for us, and was integral to our success as a team. JEV is and has been a consummate professional and has handled challenging task with aplomb and has been able to deliver results within the timeline set.

Amizah icon


JEV is well organized! It’s always easy for me to liaise with a fast-responding recruiter. They will well brief the candidate in easing our interview process.

Brian L. icon

Brian L.

First time being serve by recruitment agency, it was a very pleasant experience, Very special thanks to Ms.Samantha who explain every single details till I'm being hired. She was very friendly, responsible, and will keep on follow up in every progress! Huge thanks and all the best to her career

Canny L. icon

Canny L.

JEV has been patiently assisting me in the whole process, regardless of the complication in helping me to work abroad for the first time in my life!

Ho MY icon


I am satisfied with this recruitment agency's services. Special thanks to Samantha who was my first contact. She is responsible, helpful, patient and gentle. She successfully helped me find a new job. Well done and thank you Samantha! ♥️

KaoruY icon


Truly appreciate the honest and sincere advice which helped me to recognize my strength and what I’m looking for in the future progression. Will definitely recommend JEV to anyone for their professionalism and personalized support!

Wilson K. icon

Wilson K.

Responsible, helpful, patient and giving good suggestions

Jeremy icon


We have had the pleasure of partnering with JEV for our recruitment needs, and we couldn't be more satisfied with the results. Their comprehensive understanding of our industry and dedication to finding the perfect fit for our organization have been invaluable. The candidates they have presented to us not only possess the required qualifications but also align with our company culture seamlessly. JEV has consistently demonstrated their commitment to excellence, and we highly recommend their services for any company seeking exceptional talent placement.

Viyi T. icon

Viyi T.

I really enjoyed and satisfied with the services provided by JEV management. Special thanks to Ms Samantha, a very talented and professional recruiter who helped me a lot throughout the job-seeking process. Thanks again!

WW icon


Overall, I am satisfied with this recruitment agency's services. Recruiter is responsible throughout the entire process (from calling until job interview). I really appreciate and want to thank you for the job opportunity that was offered to me, a helpful and kind assistance service provided by this JEV management company.

Yap J.W icon

Yap J.W

JEV helped me to secure a job that matches my background and seniority in this difficult time. The consultant explained the job scope and opportunity well. Would definitely recommend her to be anyone’s recruiter and I believe she is wonderful to work with!

Eugene (Volume Recruiter) icon

Eugene (Volume Recruiter)

JEV is always an effective business partner in delivering our headcount demand with quality talent, their response rate is beyond exceptional, not to mention their top notch client services which you can't get the same attitude anywhere else. We are looking forward to grow in size with JEV through our long-lasting partnership

Wayne J. icon

Wayne J.

Willing to help people find job, really helpful, knows your need, thoughts throughout the application until the end of interview.

Alan L. icon

Alan L.

Truly responsible, efficient, knowledgeable, dedicated, committed and competent in their work, and I can go on!

Chui See T. icon

Chui See T.

I really like the whole experience dealing with Yu Xuan (Agency Recruiter), he is very friendly and patiently while talking with me via the phone. Thanks for helping me get a suitable job. Well done!

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